The following are first-hand testimonials from individuals who have benefited from the programs and services L.I.F.E. In The Springs offers.

“L.I.F.E. in the Springs has been a refuge and an encouragement for me where I had neither. The unbiased love and unparalleled wisdom I’ve found there, has and continues to see me through some very difficult seasons of my life. It has helped give me the tools I need to overcome the difficulties that our world can throw at us. I have gained a better and sharper understanding of myself and the world around me. I am so blessed to be a part of L.I.F.E. In The Springs.”    

~ Jessie— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group



“Life In The Springs has given me truth in love and has shown me how to use the weapons in the Word of God to fight with boldness against the enemy and confront my past. I can now see, declare and decree my God- ordained future. I can finally accept God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness to walk out my salvation. I know how to run the race well and complete my destiny. I can now stand on top of the mountain that once stood in my way and shout in victory the revelation of truth that Jesus Christ is real! Freedom is real! God is real and homosexuality is dead! There is victory in Christ and there is Life In The Springs! Don’t let the breath God gives you be wasted in hopelessness. Come be a part of Life In The Springs so we can all fight and declare freedom is ours only in Christ alone!”

~ Antonio— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group



“L.I.F.E. In The Springs has been there for me and has helped me untangle and make sense of my past; being a constant reminder of the truth when life is confusing. The teachings and ministry have given me the love, support and tools I needed to overcome many negative and destructive thought patterns and habits. I’m so thankful for this ministry.”

~ Brenda— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group



“L.I.F.E. In The Springs ministry has helped me to see homosexual desire for what it is and also given me tools to fight for freedom.”

~ Anonymous— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group



“L.I.F.E. In The Springs one-to-one ministry and discipleship with Susan has helped me out so much. Susan has helped me know how to fight the lies I’ve believed and replace them with what God says about me. It’s all about replacing the lies with God’s truth. This ministry has been such a blessing to me especially when I was going through very difficult hardships in my life. This is an amazing ministry for people that struggle with addictions and strongholds in their life.”

~ Kelly— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship (via phone)



“After participating in the L.I.F.E. In The Springs weekly Support Group for a few years, I now feel completely free to share whatever is on my heart or mind, knowing that I will never be judged, rejected or ridiculed. Years of feeling strange, different and unacceptable have kept hidden from sight the woman God has intended me to be. In this safe, loving and accepting environment that woman is beginning to emerge, rise from the ashes of shame, free to become all I am created to be.”

~ Charyl— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group



“Whether you are struggling with your own or a loved one’s lifestyle choices, L.I.F.E. In The Springs will give you hope, strength and understanding to carry on. Fight the good fight surrounded by nonjudgmental loving people!

     ~ Rachel— One-to-one Ministry/Discipleship and Support Group