Susan Kerkhoff


Get To Know Susan

Biblical Lay Minister; Teacher; Speaker

Susan Kerkhoff is the founder of L.I.F.E. In The Springs Ministry with a passion to see people struggling with life-controlling issues find complete freedom and receive healing. She is married to Brian Kerkhoff and they have a beautiful daughter, Sarah. Susan grew up on Long Island, New York, and relocated to Colorado Springs in 1997. As a child she was exposed to abusive experiences which led—in part—to confusion about her identity. These traumatic events led her down the destructive path of addictions, nervous breakdowns and emotional turmoil in her own efforts to cope. At age 29, Susan was led to attend L.I.F.E. Ministry in New York City—a Christian ministry that predominately helps those seeking freedom from both the activity and desires of homosexuality. Through the dedicated teaching and care of others, she received healing and complete freedom from the issues that kept her bound up. As a result of her new-found freedom, in 2010 Susan was led to begin ministering to others who were dealing with similar life-controlling issues that she had overcome. While grieving the loss of her grandmother in 2011, she discovered the joy of hiking. She formally established L.I.F.E. in the Springs Ministry (Colorado Springs) as a nonprofit project in May 2012, where she provides weekly one-to-one ministry and group meetings along with training and speaking engagements. Susan’s passion is to bring the good news of hope and total freedom to those bound up in addictions and other life-controlling issues, specializing in working with people seeking freedom from homosexuality and false transgender identities. She teaches that with Jesus Christ, we can break through the barriers that block us from intimacy with God (including lies that we believe), and learn to live out our full potential that He purposed for us. Susan is also a breast cancer survivor and is able to bring hope and encouragement to those dealing with physical health issues along their journey to wholeness.

President/Executive Director