June 2017

Dear Friends of L.I.F.E. In The Springs,

We are excited to introduce to you our enclosed ministry flyer that succinctly shares who we are and what we believe is possible in the lives of people struggling with addictions and difficult life circumstances. Please feel free to ask for additional flyers to give to people that may be interested in partnering with us or receiving our  help. We have PLENTY!

We’ve also attached some powerful testimonies of a select number of people who have received help from L.I.F.E. In The Springs’ unique ministry programs (listed below). It is only through your support and the support of others that we are able to continue doing the life-changing work we do, helping as many people as possible experience COMPLETE FREEDOM in Jesus Christ!

I.  L.I.F.E. in the Springs Support Groups

Program Overview

Our weekly support groups provide a supportive environment where people can build trust, express themselves in community without fear of judgement or rejection and feel comfortable sharing their problems, hurts and unanswered questions. We provide understanding and teaching, equipping them with practical tools that will assist them to uproot the lies and resolve underlying driving issues, so they can apply God’s truths and receive His Presence (Holy Spirit) that brings freedom, healing and intimacy with Jesus. Group attendees can come and go as they please with no formal commitment required.


To provide a safe, non-judgmental group environment where Christians seeking Christ’s true freedom and the Holy Spirit’s healing are equipped (in community) to live victorious over their addictions and life-controlling issues.

II. One-to-One Biblical Ministry and Discipleship (Offered in-person, by phone or via online Skype)

Program Overview

This program provides in-depth, long-term ministry that equips and enables people to uproot and bring to the surface the unresolved issues and causes that drive them to live in bondage to life-controlling issues, addictions and sin. We provide biblically-based teaching and ministry in the areas of prayer and deliverance, how to resist and fight against lies and ungodly reactions to pain (destructive patterns), and how to apply biblical truth. Participants learn what godly responses to lies, emotional pain and destructive patterns of behavior look like, and learn to live a godly and Spirit-controlled life; no longer bound to addictions or ruled by the flesh.


To equip people to deal with the underlying issues of life-controlling problems with the truth of God in order to live in complete freedom, have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and fulfill God’s purposes in their life.

III. Christian Community Education Seminars

Program Overview

This program provides opportunities to bring HOPE and UNDERSTANDING through testimony, explanation and biblical teaching about the causes of life-controlling issues, addiction and homosexuality. We also teach how to come alongside the person and guide them to freedom from the activities and the evil desires, so they can genuinely be the person God created them to be, fulfilling His purposes in and through their life to the glory of God


To educate the general Christian community and its leaders with the truth that total freedom from life-controlling issues (desires and behaviors) is possible through effective (proven) biblically-based teaching and ministry techniques.

~ ~ ~

Our Ministry Needs

As we mentioned earlier, we cannot do this life-changing work alone. Nor do we want to. There are MANY ways to come up alongside L.I.F.E. In The Springs to help us continue the work we do:

  • FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP: Because we make our programs low to no cost for as long we are needed by those wanting to get completely free, we are always looking for ongoing monthly supporters who share our vision and mission and believe in the work we are doing. Any amount makes a difference. All donations are fully tax-deductible.

  • SPONSOR A PARTICIPANT: ($100/month): We liken this to other ‘adopt-a-person’ programs (i.e. Compassion International; World Vision; etc.). While these other programs do great work addressing the physical needs of starving people in third world nations, L.I.F.E. In The Springs is helping spiritually and emotionally-starved/struggling people right here in our own back yards! We would LOVE to partner with you in ensuring those who cannot pay continue receiving our help for as long as they need it. This program helps us to do that.

  • SPREAD THE WORD: We are thankful to those of you who take the time to share what we do with others in your circles of influence. This is one of the MAJOR ways others in our community learn about the work we do. We can supply you with as many of our newly printed 5 x 7 ministry flyers as you would like. Just let us know!

  • PRAYER: Would you be willing to lift our ministry up in prayer on a regular basis? If so, please let us know and we will put you on our Prayer Partner list. This help cannot be quantified for we know that no house can be built, unless it be built by the Lord. And that can only happen through concerted prayer.

  • VOLUNTEER: As we continue to grow and help more people we find ourselves limited without the volunteer support of others. We are looking for people who are gifted in the following areas who would like to offer a few hours a week to help us: Administrative Activities (communications, word processing skills); IT Computer Skills (networking; Web site maintenance); Social Media Skills (facebook page; mass email communications); Program Evaluation (developing program surveys, etc., for effective program evaluation; this is great for college students looking for real life internships in their nonprofit degree!); Fundraising Skills (grant writing, presenting the ministry one-to-one and groups of people, major donor campaign)

In closing, we continue to work on our L.I.F.E. In The Springs Web site, which is nearing completion! We just finished creating our donor vision-casting Power Point to share all about our ministry in a clear, easy-to-understand way with individuals, churches and organizations—to bring awareness of who we are, how we can help and how best to partner together to bring God’s Hope of complete freedom and healing.

Please prayerfully consider where you see yourself coming up alongside to assist us by filling out the enclosed Partnership Card and returning it to:

L.I.F.E. In The Springs, P.O. Box 9483, Colorado Springs, CO 80932.

You can always make a donation by going to https://newhorizonsfoundation.com, then go to ‘Projects’, then click on ‘L.I.F.E. In The Springs’ and follow the instructions.

We THANK YOU for your ongoing encouragement and support of us and the work we are doing. You truly are a blessing to us and to those we minister to and serve.

All for His glory,

Susan and Brian Kerkhoff

Co-Founders, L.I.F.E. In The Springs Ministries